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breaking the laminate

Having a beautiful smile design is one of the features that are popular today… Read more

What is an implant and why is it done?

Complications and benefits of dental implant and its success rate along with treatment steps and Read more

Who Is An Orthodontist ?

BRACES Dental orthodontics to straighten and correct misaligned teeth… Read more

What Causes Bad Breath?

BRACES Dental orthodontics to straighten and correct misaligned teeth… Read more

Smile makeover

A new smile Impression It really doesn’t matter if it’s a serious major defect or a slight imperfection if a person list their smile as a priority, it will impact and improve the interactions with others on a daily basis. Beall Research & Training, a marketing research firm recently conducted a study evaluating how individuals perceive others according to the quality of their smile. The results will shock you. In the study, an overall of 500 hundred people shown their before...


What is dental Laminate? Dental laminate (Porcelain laminate which are known as Porcelain veneers) is a thin shell which is designed by tooth colored material based on the individual’s need. These shells are bonded to the front surface of the teeth in order to change their color, shape, size, or length and improve the appearance.   Alongside of the beauty aspect, the correct laminate function is important, too and correct and strong attachment of natural teeth and porcelain laminate is essential. The...


Bleaching teeth refers to whitening teeth beyond their natural color. Active ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are bleaching agents most often used in teeth bleaching processes

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